Youth Leadership Development

About Report

Youth, defined as individuals of age 18 to 30 in Malaysia, face an unprecedented challenge in entering a shrinking job market amid the global pandemic. The national unemployment rate peaked at 5.1% during Quarter 2 of 2020, with a staggering 11.72% registered in the youth category; the highest in the past two decades.

Besides, the youth employment landscape is further set-back with educational and skill mismatches with the labor market. Hence, approximately 1.9 million graduates are underemployed, even with a workforce possessing tertiary education certificates at a historic high of 33.3% in Malaysia

As AIESEC in Malaysia has been working with youth directly in the past 50 years, this report aims to bridge the conversation between workforce and youth with the following objectives : 

  1. To provide youth’ insights and perspectives toward workforce 
  2. To provide a holistic view of employer branding initiatives in Malaysia 
  3. To support AIESEC in Malaysia’s partners in planning and initiating youth engagement activities for talent acquisition

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