We are recruiting!

Become one of the youths that run the organisation.

AIESEC is an organisation that is run by youths, for youths. We are looking for ambitious young people who are passionate in changing the world.

Why should you join?

Personal Development (Soft and Hard skills)

Develop the qualities of self-awareness, solution orientation, ability to empower others, and become a world citizen through a practical team member or team leader experience.

Practical Experience in different areas of study

Gain hands-on experience and develop both personal and professional skills by volunteering in one of the various departments of our AIESEC committees are formed of.

Build your network

Connect with like-minded young people from all around the world. Our network is truly global. You will join a youth community of thousands of young people from over 100 countries and territories worldwide.

Make your impact on the world

As an AIESEC member, your actions directly impact the people around you. From your teammates, to driving change in your communities, the opportunities to shape the world are endless and entirely up to you.

Work in a multicultural environment in the largest youth-run organization

Our organisation consists of youths from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. You will have the opportunity to interact with AIESEC members from all around the globe to understand more on their culture.

Application Process

Read through the booklet Get to know more on your role
Recruitment Booklet

Our membership booklet contains all the information about the membership such as the available roles, job descriptions, skills requirements and learning outcomes.

Sign up through the application form Apply for membership roles
Membership application form

Fill in our membership application form with the roles that your are interested in. We take your data privacy seriously according to our Privacy Policy.


AIESEC Night Get to know more about us
Learn more about us through AIESEC Night

Engage with AIESEC members along with other candidates to get to learn more about the organisation. Take this opportunity to ask any questions regarding the membership, working culture and your role.

Interview assessment For us to understand you a little bit more
Get interviewed by our recruiters

We will ask you some general questions to understand your working style and values followed by some functional questions to understand your thought processes.

Selection Be the chosen one
Get selected among the candidates

Your assessment report will be judged among Team Leaders in the organisation to determine whether you are fit for the role you are applying.

Onboarding Learn and Develop
Welcome to AIESEC!


Onboard into your role through an induction day to get along with your new teammates. You will go through a series of Learn and Develop (LnD) sessions to get familiarised with the organisation's culture and sharpen your functional skills for your role.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you are recruited, the membership will last for 1 year. If you are satisfied with your experience and want to explore more in AIESEC, you can continue to stay in this organisation for a longer period. Meanwhile, Volunteering programmes will take 4-6 weeks.

AIESEC members are involved in planning and executing volunteer exchange programme. AIESEC members can choose to join an international volunteer exchange programme but this is not compulsory or not a part of the membership.

Unfortunately, we are only open for youths between the age of 18-30 years old

At least a year for full experience. If you are satisfied with your experience and want to explore more in AIESEC, you can continue to stay in this organisation for a longer period.

Yes. You will have to undergo a 30-day probation or less depending on the local chapter’s decision during on-boarding after you have been selected. This is to evaluate your performance in the long term.

Most of the questions will be general questions to understand your working style, how would you handle crisis and your strengths and weaknesses. You will then be asked some functional questions related to your role to understand your thought processes and decision making.

Yes! You can review the feedback from our interviewers to understand what are needed to be improved. We encourage you to join our programmes to build your experience before reapplying. You can check them at Engage with AIESEC.

Be an AIESECer now!

AIESEC in Malaysia is an organization registered under Registrar of Society (ROS) (Registration No.: PPM-002-10-04042005), having its registered address at Block E-51-2, Zenith Corporate Park, Jalan SS 7/26, Ss 7, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.