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The more discomfort you introduce into your life,
the more your comfort zone will expand.
Sustainable Development Goals

What is Malaysian Youth Volunteer?

Malaysian Youth Volunteer (MYV) was formerly known as Local Virtual Volunteer (LVV). MYV is an Engagement with AIESEC initiative run by AIESEC Malaysia for Malaysian youth. The program empowers young people to take ownership of their personal development and at the same time take action towards solving social issues in Malaysia through volunteering in different SDG-aligned projects.

What are we working on?

Unleash youth leadership potential by engaging in social projects designed for impact targeted on Sustainable Development Goals, international youth engagement initiatives, develop youth leadership through AIESEC’s Leadership Development Model.

Volunteer Duration

4 weeks | 28 days

Working Hours

10 to 15 hours per week

Mode of Volunteering


Develop Yourself

Step out of your comfort zone and volunteer in a challenging environment with exposure across Malaysia to develop leadership qualities and interpersonal skills.

Local and Global Networking

Expand your network, make new friends & build meaningful connections with like-minded youth and organizations in local and global environment to enhance your network.

Take Part

Have the chance to join others solving the current local issues in your community by delivering the project that supports the Sustainable Development Goals.

Popular Projects

Speak Up

A project with the objectives of empowering students in Malaysia by developing their English-speaking ability and enhancing their knowledge and skills in STEM as well as widening their perspective on the world by providing them a cross-cultural learning environment.

Clean Our Plate

The project aims to bring awareness to the Malaysian communities about food waste management and responsible consumer behavior by initiating easy actions towards reducing preventable food waste and fully utilizing the food waste for youths to influence their peers and their households.


Environmental. Cleansing. Habitation. Oasis. (ECHO) Project started in September 2021 aligning with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13: Climate Action initiated by the United Nations. Its purpose to educate communities about climate change and building action plans to reduce critical factors affecting the environment.

Application Process

with aiesec.

Step 1
Fill in interest form

Let us know that you are interested in Malaysian Youth Volunteer by submitting your response through the interest form.

Step 2
Get contacted by your experience manager

An experience manager will introduce and answer your questions about our projects.

Step 3
Fill in application form

Application form will be provided by your experience manager if you are keen to be part of the Malaysian Youth Volunteer projects.

Step 4
Get interviewed by the organizing committee

We will like to understand your working styles and values through general questions in the interview.

Step 5
Make fee payment and sign agreement

Once you get selected as a Malaysian Youth Volunteer, you will need to make fee payment and sign an agreement to secure the rights of all parties.

Step 6
You're officially a Malaysian Youth Volunteer!

Onboard as a Malaysian Youth Volunteer and get ready for your journey with the support from your experience manager and the organizing committee.


Personally, it was an opportunity for me where I got to meet new people from diverse backgrounds. I’m truly blessed to work with a team where I could call my family. It boosted my confidence to speak up & present to the students. Unknowingly, I improved myself in many aspects as a volunteer. As for students, they showed improvement from the first to the last workshop. The students got the knowledge to become better people and proved that they could do it in the future. This project gave me many positive impacts, and look at me now, sharing my story with you all.

Shalini Jayakumaran

Speak Up

I learned that youth could have the power to make a change in the world. As we came together and volunteered to support a good cause, we learned more about global issues together and from each other. It proved that young people like us live for a purpose bigger than just ourselves by using our existing resources to create a more significant impact in society.

Wong Li Yun

Clean Our Plate

I’m grateful to have this fantastic opportunity to participate in this project. Throughout the project, I’ve sensed a lot of positive changes in my daily routine. I will continue to carry the principles I’ve learned in this project and educate those around me. American author Helen Keller once quoted, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” I believe we can make a positive difference in the world if everyone plays their role.

Vaeshnavi Devi Misra

Clean Our Plate

Frequently Asked Questions

Each project has its own key activities! You will have training and facilitation session as well as international youth engagement spaces. Besides that, depending on the project, you may be conducting workshops, starting fundraisers, hosting webinars or even making your own compost. You can find out more about the project’s specific activities from your experience manager after submitting your Interest Form.

MYV projects allow you to work in diverse teams to carry out tasks. Through working with different youths and carrying out various tasks, you will learn to develop interpersonal skills such as communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving and much more.

Each MYV project is aligned with a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). Through the virtual projects, you will be taking steps towards solving a social issue by becoming aware of the reality of the situation, educating others and contributing to the solution.

The MYV projects are designed to be 4 weeks long to allow for enough time for proper preparation and meaningful execution of the project. Volunteers are required to commit to the full duration of the project to ensure a complete and beneficial experience.

MYV projects have a maximum working time of 15 hours a week. As long as you are able to commit to the project’s schedule, we wholly welcome you!

MYV projects are aimed to develop youths from diverse backgrounds so no specific skills are needed to join a project. Any knowledge required to execute the project will be taught to all volunteers during the project.

Yes, you can! We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone to develop your interpersonal skills through the MYV projects and gain the confidence to speak. However, some projects may require a higher standard of English compared to others due to the nature of the activities.

The MYV fees are used for administration fees  and operational costs for us to run the project and ensure its sustainability. In return, we provide you with the platform to learn about current social issues, develop yourself, make an impact and experience cross-cultural differences.

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