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Present all across the world, AIESEC brings you a life changing opportunities to connect you with companies abroad that offer internship opportunities in various modes, fields and duration.

Mode of Internship


Challenge yourself in a foreign environment and experience a cross-cultural working style in your dream country hands-on!


Have a chance to work at your own pace experience working with your teammates on-site!


With our virtual internship, you are able to work flexibly anytime and anywhere at the comfort of your homes!

Our Exclusive Opportunities

Business Administration

With business field becoming a competitive arena and is always evolving with new technologies and revolution, take this chance to train yourself to be a progressive and determined entrepreneur.

Business Development

A field that acts as the thread that ties together all of company's functions or departments. Identify, nurture and acquire your entrepreneurial skills to drive growth and profitability with us!


Marketing encompasses not only determines consumer need, it also helps create consumer need. Unleash and train your strategic skills to help businesses fluorish.

Information Technology

Information technology (IT) has become a vital and integral part of every business plan. Grab this chance to foster innovation in businesses.

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Benefits of AIESEC Global Talent

experience an international working environment
Along with developing specialized skills, you will experience diverse cultures, cultivate new perspectives and learn how to adapt to the trend of integration.
Catching up with the new working trend
As remote working is gradually becoming the optimal choice of businesses, the online internship experience gives you the skills to adapt quickly, ready to meet the strict requirements of employers.
Unleash your leadership potential
Step out of your comfort zone to unleash your potential, discover yourself and become a global citizen through developing the leadership qualities that AIESEC brings.
Expand relationship
Your network of relationships will not stop within Malaysia. Develop relationships with colleagues around the world, learn from them and network with experienced professionals in your field of interest.
Networking training and events
You will receive training in the skills needed for an online internship and attend networking events organized by AIESEC in Malaysia and AIESEC in the internship country. Experience new environment and grow the international network.

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Our committee will assist you through your application process. Prepare yourself with a competent resume.

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Step one
Fill in your personal information here

For us to get to know you, please fill in your personal details here.

Step Two
Get contacted

Our team all across Malaysia will reach out to you in 24 hours.

Step Three
Apply for opportunities available

Our team all across Malaysia will reach out to you in 24 hours.

Duration & Fee

Fee includes maintenance fee for AIESEC in Malaysia and AIESEC global systems. This fee will only be charged once you’ve completed 5 recruitment steps and officially become a program intern.

Supports Provided by AIESEC

1. One-to-one customized support from AIESEC in Malaysia and AIESEC abroad during the application and internship process.

2. Support for recruitment consulting, preparation of resumes and enhancement of skills for the interview.

3. Equip you with knowledge of working online, knowledge of working culture considerations in the company’s country and provide Networking events with other interns around the world.

4. Set personal goals for interns before official intern experience

5. Support connection, solve problems arising when working at the company.

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Work as a Designer Web Developer Content Writer Sales Person Marketing Intern Data Analyst Startup Specialist


I always believed that I shouldn’t be limiting myself to just specializing in one particular field but learn and expose myself to as many as I would know more or less on what to expect when I enter the working world. This experience has definitely given me a bit of clarity on what I may want to pursue in my future. Working in an international company doesn’t just boost my skills but I also get to meet many people from all around the world. For me, it was very interesting to watch how everyone carried out their work differently and listening to different ideas & strategies. I have expanded my connections to a more international level ever since I joined this internship.

Saitissya Kunasekaran

2nd Year, Biotechnology, AIMST University. Digital Marketing Intern in Hanoi, Vietnam

It was definitely a valuable experience getting to know people of different working cultures. There were not any issues in the communication area as we only spoke in English. Other than that, although we just got to know one another, it is great to know that everyone here works as a team. AIESEC has been extremely supportive throughout this internship journey. From day one of interviewing me for the job till today. They have communicated with me through offering support and a lot of effort by asking how I was and how the company is treating me.

Kyirrtana Soorace

3rd Year, Marketing and International Trading, Victoria University. Digital Marketing Intern in Hanoi, Vietnam

Doing an internship in my second year has definitely helped me to get earlier experience while spending leisure time during semester break. If I have more experience now, it increases my chances to secure a stable job during academic internship in the future. This experience has allowed me to gain the experience not only in being professional, but also allowed me to see the bigger picture of witnessing the development of the product I am working on as I also had the chance to synergize with other departments such as the marketing and development department.

Tai Wen Jun

2nd Year, Computer Science, UTM. Product Intern in Jakarta, Indonesia

The biggest difference between local internship and VPP is of course the diversity. The working culture are different when you are working with people from different country where you can learn from them. It is something that I believe i will not be able to experience in most of the local internship. I still go for internship even after graduated because this is a great opportunity I can get at the moment, the work, the industry and the company so I am willing to give it a try!

Cheah Zhi Tao

Graduated, Digital Marketing Intern in Hanoi Vietnam

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Youths from the age of 18-30 are welcomed to apply as long as they have the availability and commitment to fulfill company’s needs.

You can apply for as many as you want. But do note that you will have to participate in the assessment processes requested by the companies.

Minimally, there will be at least 2 interviews conducted where the first interview will be between the applicants and AIESEC abroad, whereas the second interview will be conducted between the applicants and the opportunity provider. However, do note that some opportunity provider may request to conduct extra assessment such as submission of portfolio or video resume and etcetera.

Yes. Intern will receive monthly payments from the company. However, do note that some internship may conduct one-time payment throughout the whole internship period.

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